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Dynamic rice farming region
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Dynamic rice farming region

 Expatriates will not find it hard to realize considerable changes in the mighty land associated with a historical legend, namely sergeant major Tran Van Thanh, when they return to their hometown, as makeshift wooden bridges have been replaced with solid iron and reinforced concrete ones. Additionally, dirt roads have been asphalted and multiple projects worth trillions of Vietnam dong have been approved.

 The significant development in both the appearance and the socio-economy of An Giang Province’s Chau Phu District has demonstrated that the district authorities have successfully built and enhanced public confidence.
According to a report on Chau Phu District’s portal, the application of science in the cultivation and agricultural production has showed initial positive signals. The application of hi-tech in agriculture has helped farmers earn more profit in the past few years. This is a great achievement attributed to the leadership’s unity, creativity and selflessness. The absence of group interests and individualism among district’s leaders has produced spectacular results in economic reform in the locality, increasing its competitiveness compared with other districts and towns in An Giang Province and other provinces in the region.


The high-end Sao Mai urban area is one of the projects helping Cai Dau Town meet standards of Grade-4 urban area.

Chau Phu, a region farming high-yield rice and fruits for export, has gradually developed into a locality of high potential for economic development, which is attractive to large investors. Despite restrictions in the Law on Land, the government of Chau Phu District has always put itself in the position of investors and the people to ensure benefits for them. Therefore, the district government always gains the people’s and investors’ trust in its policies.

“A proposal to develop an urban area encompassing Cai Dau, Binh Long and Binh My into a Grade-4 town has been submitted to the Ministry of Construction for approval, and the urban area development needs rapid urbanization. During the execution of the high-end Sao Mai Binh Long urban area and Sao Mai Tay Cai Dau new urban area projects, which are expected to develop Chau Phu into a Grade-4 urban area, leaders of Chau Phu District have supported investors in site clearance for the projects,” said Chau Phu chairman Tran Thanh Nha.
Enterprises have invested in more than 700 hectares of low-yield farmland. Seven out of 14 large projects have been conducted on over 194 hectares of land, while 73 other projects are being executed with the fast site clearance progress and the consensus of local people. As a result, the district, with 33 kilometers of national highway, is attractive to investors.


Tran Thanh Nha, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the government of Chau Phu District, works with a journalist.

Located on a national highway connecting Long Xuyen and Chau Doc cities of An Giang Province, Chau Phu District benefits from trade activities of these two cities. As a result, the number of residents in the district has increased in line with the province’s development. As of the end of 2018, Chau Phu District was home to more than 246,800 people, accounting for nearly 10% of An Giang’s population. With the proportion of urban residents increasing 0.5%-1% per year, according to the An Giang Statistics Department, the labor quality has been improved.

With economic development potential, long history and district leaders’ support, the hometown of sergeant major Tran Van Thanh has proved that it can develop into a busy city.


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