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Nourishing the skin
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Nourishing the skin

From the past to the present, the skin always occupies an important position in the concept of beauty of women.

 At the moment, people are more interested in taking care of their skin because there are many effects affecting the skin such as: dust, ultraviolet light, blue light from computers or work pressure, Rest mode and not working properly.

For that reason, the beauty trend has also changed. From using skincare products, many women find nourishing products from within.

Because a beautiful skin depends a lot on our diet, rest and exercise. Let's also take a look at the foods that help nourish the skin from the deep inside that women should pay attention to daily supplements.

 Green tea

 Natural green tea is considered one of the most skin-friendly drinks thanks to the polyphenols that rejuvenate your skin.

trà xanh

Green tea helps young and beautiful skin


Avocado is a good source of biotin for the skin. Eating avocado every day helps prevent dry skin and also helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends.


Tomatoes contain the high amount of vitamin C necessary for the body's collagen synthesis. Once collagen is strengthened, skin structure will be firmer, elasticity is also significantly improved to help reduce wrinkles.

Pomegranate fruit

Pomegranates are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and especially vitamin E, which is very good for the skin, effective against the skin aging process. In addition, pomegranate juice also works very well in treating dark spots on the skin.


Vitamins A, C, E, ... are all very good for the skin

 Kinds of bean

Beans rich in fiber, low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals such as Ca, K, B6, magnesium, folic acid ... should work to lose weight and help skin bright, smooth.

Fish, fish oil and cooking oil from fish rich in Omega 3

 Fatty fish (catfish, basa, salmon, herring, ...) or fish oil, fish oil from fish are sources of Omega 3 for the health and skin of women.

Omega 3 helps prevent wrinkles by delaying the aging process of the skin. The deficiency of Omega 3 also reduces the overall quality of the skin, which is a major cause of skin damage, dandruff, peeling, rashes, dryness, eczema and cracked skin.

In Omega 3, there are two main acids: DHA and EPA. In particular, EPA helps regulate mucus production to keep skin soft and elastic, helping to regenerate skin damaged by the sun.

Nấu ăn với Ranee

Supplement Omega 3 from fatty fish, fish oil and fish oil for skin health


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