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What should pregnant mothers to eat smart baby
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What should pregnant mothers to eat smart baby

 Every fathers and mothers want their children born out of health to be intelligent. So, what should pregnant moms eat to help them be smart is what most parents are concerned about. Let's take a look at the nutrients that affect the child's brain development right from the womb, let's add to the daily menu!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

 Omega 3 is a group of unsaturated fatty acids that our body cannot synthesize, must supplement through food.

DHA accounts for a quarter of the brain fat, which is very high in the gray matter of the brain and retina, which is part of the structure of nerve cell membranes.

DHA creates the sensitivity of neurons, increases the elasticity of brain cells, nerve cell membranes, helps to transmit information quickly and accurately. EPA enhances the speed of nerve conduction and anti-inflammatory.


 DHA, EPA (2 important fatty acids in Omega 3 group) are essential for your baby's intelligence.

 Pregnant women can supplement Omega 3 fatty acids through fatty fish (catfish, herring, salmon, tuna, ...) by eating fish at least 3 times / week. In addition, fish oil and fish oil are also good sources of DHA / EPA supplements.


Supplement Omega 3 fatty acids from fish, fish oil and fish oil.


An important component to build the body's structure, an antibody component that helps keep the mother's body healthy. Eggs, milk, yogurt, meat, ... are high protein foods that pregnant women should eat every day.

 Iron and Folic Acid

Iron plays a role in bringing oxygen to brain cells, iron deficiency will cause slow brain development. Folic acid is extremely important in the synthesis of children's neurons, especially neural tube cells.

Food sources of folic acid supplement are dark green vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, ... Iron is abundant in: beef, eggs, beans, peanuts, …

Iodized salt

An important micronutrient for the synthesis of thyroid hormone, when iodine deficiency during pregnancy, the fetus is susceptible to congenital hypothyroidism leading to cretinism, so pregnant mothers should supplement iodine-rich foods such as algae sea, seafood, ...

 Vitamin D

A deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy can hinder a child's brain development and intellectual and motor abilities. Vitamin D is found in cheese, eggs, fish liver, milk, …


Eggs, milk, and cheese are good sources of vitamin D


Helping to support and protect brain tissue during fetal development, these antioxidants are vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, ... found in ripe fruits. Berries and dark green vegetables.


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