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Cancer and preventive measures from the diet?
[ Updated (22/07/2020) ] - [ Views: 385 ]

Cancer and preventive measures from the diet?

The situation of cancer in Vietnam is on the rise. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Vietnam in the top 2 of the world cancer map. Finding the causes and solutions to limit cancer is now an urgent issue of the whole society.

 There are many causes of cancer such as: Stress, the effects of global warming, the impact of industrialization polluting the environment, harmful bacteria and viruses get into the muscles. In addition, diet and living are one of the main causes of disease that we can control.

 Limiting smoking, drinking alcohol, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy eating habit, etc. will be the more mentioned issues in changing and limiting cancer The current.

A sensible and scientific diet contributes to disease prevention and cancer risk reduction.

 Always choose fresh foods that add more plant foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, etc. Studies show that people who eat less fruits and Green vegetables have twice the risk of cancer compared to those who eat moderate amounts of fruits and vegetables.


Always choose fresh, delicious foods in processing to limit the production of toxic substances.

 Increasing absorption of dietary fiber helps cleanse the digestive system and remove carcinogens from the intestinal tract. Avoid processed foods, avoid rancid foods because they have the potential to contain aflatoxin, a powerful carcinogen.

Reducing red meat and saturated fat (found in butter, whole milk, canned food, etc.) is harmful to health. Choose sources of unsaturated fats for your body from nuts such as walnuts, almonds, avocados, fish, seafood, etc.

In addition, should regularly provide abundant Omega 3 fatty acids in fatty fish, fish oil and fish oil, ... help fight inflammation, help prevent cancer and reduce inflammatory symptoms due to toxicity of the method chemotherapy, support brain health and good for the heart, …


Supplement good fats rich in omega 3, 6, 9 from fish, fish oil, ... replace saturated fat that is bad for your health.


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