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The jewel in Tinh Bien
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The jewel in Tinh Bien

There was such a miserable and sad Tinh Bien during the years of the fierce resistance. There was a magnificent land that was just the image of the majestic That Son mountain range, a poor countryside and fragments. The field is associated with standing posture. The farmer sells his face to the land and his back to the sky. Nowadays, Tinh Bien has become a precious jewel in its silk potential for the development of a smokeless industry, with a great attraction to investors.

 As a region famous for the indomitable spirit of the local people to fight against foreign invaders during the revolution for national independence and freedom, Tinh Bien district - one of the two mountainous districts of An Giang province today is the practice place. The center is crowded with famous tourist destinations across Vietnam, a lucrative area with potential to attract professional and stature investors. For example, Sao Mai Group is currently a group with many projects and works that have been investing in Tinh Bien (Sao Mai solar power plant, An Hao natural drinking water factory, tourist resorts, and busy urban area ...) with a total investment of over VND 8,300 billion.


Tra Su Radiant bridge welcomes visitors on National Day holiday

 Typical for the strong development in Tinh Bien district, Tra Su tourist area has always been chosen by the operators as a virtual live check-in place because of the charming natural landscape, impressive works of art, The poetic soul and artistry here always inspire the spectators….

 As a place converging the "best in Vietnam", this place currently holds two records as the most beautiful Melaleuca forest in Vietnam and the longest bamboo bridge in Vietnam. And recently, An Giang Tourimex continues to bring to the tourist a new record: "The wooden bridge in the most beautiful Melaleuca forest in Vietnam". With this third achievement, it will once again give wings to the name of Tra Su tourist area to fly higher and reach further, inviting tourists from all over the world to admire and polish the pearl of Tinh Bien more and more brilliant in the economic development of the country.

 Also in the place where the majority of this ethnic population is located, located at the foot of the mountain, formerly the fields with low rice yield over the years, are now replaced by the steppe of solar cells the largest in An Giang province.

 In the future, the investor Sao Mai Group will exploit and develop the tourism model here in the direction of ecology and modernity with an expected investment capital of more than 150 billion VND. This will create a new type of tourism appearing for the first time in the world - solar-power ecotourism.

Not only creating confidence among local people and supported by authorities at all levels, during the construction of the solar power capital at the foot of Cam Mountain, this place had the opportunity to be visited by a pair of snakes. According to Western culture - where there is a scientific civilization, the image of a snake symbolizes immortality, wisdom, and healing ability. This has partly explained why the lives of people in the surrounding area gradually become more dynamic when this project has improved the efficiency of local land use, tax contributions to the budget over 130 billion VND per year, creating jobs for local people …


The solar electric eco-tourism area will be the first type of tourism in the world

 According to our plan, the solar-power eco-tourism area is expected to open and put into operation before National Day 2/9, but due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, there is a high possibility. we will postpone the opening time on the Lunar New Year next year, in order to address the huge demand for tourism during this holiday ”- Mr. Tran Minh Tri, General Director of An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company, the investor of the solar-power eco-tourism project, said.

The socio-economic face of Tinh Bien district is gaining more and more respect from leaders at all levels through its efforts to help transform the economic structure from district leaders. Then, every day, the mountainous district will continue to be a gathering place for other things, creating a strong economic recovery wave, making Tinh Bien a key area for the development of the key tourism industry of An province. Giang.




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