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4 future trends of Vietnamese real estate after Covid-19
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4 future trends of Vietnamese real estate after Covid-19

Another important "vaccine" that helps the real estate market maintain a stable "state" while many areas are crippled by a pandemic, is safety, sustainability and good profitability as a safe investment channel during the epidemic season.


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 According to Mr. Doan Van Binh - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Association (VNREA), Vietnam's real estate market will recover strongly after the epidemic is over 4 main trends that he will develop strongly include:

 Firstly, Covid-19 affected new ways of working with digital technology and online. Vietnam real estate will also adapt to this trend.

 Second, green real estate products that are close to the environment and have privacy like individual houses (villas, townhouses, commercial townhouses, resort villas, farms) will have a great opportunity because Customers pay attention to safety while living, investing at the same time, and having social space when needed.

 Third, although Covid-19 disrupted the global supply chain, Covid-19 will "fix" these faults and guide the wave of shifting production plants to Vietnam. Industrial and office real estate in Vietnam will develop, leading to the recovery of housing and tourism demand.

Fourth, because it is a safe destination, Vietnam's resort real estate group will benefit and will recover quickly. First, based on domestic demand and then from Northeast Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and China.


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The supply of real estate in Vietnam today is very diverse. Whether viewed as a "reserve" or an investment tool, the real estate market promises high profits, especially when the real estate prices will continue to rise after the epidemic passes and the economy recovers. " Economics - Dr. Vu Dinh Anh asserted.

According to Mr. Anh, the current difficult period is also a time for real estate investors to have experience, vision, and ability to "plunge" into seeking opportunities from "catching the bottom" of the market and enjoying the incentive incentives of investors.


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