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Vietnam was selected by the US Magazine as the leading destination
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Vietnam was selected by the US Magazine as the leading destination

With the advantage of beautiful scenery, prices and beaches, Travel + Leisure (USA) has entered Vietnam into the top destinations after the Covid-19 translation has passed.

Travel + Leisure Magazine (USA) has voted Vietnam as the leading destination after the Covid-19 epidemic thanks to the advantages of the scenery, prices and beautiful long beaches and fresh climate.

 ANH 2007

 Tra Su Melaleuca forest ecotourism area - An Giang possesses a peaceful, tranquil natural beauty

Up to now, Vietnam is also a country highly appreciated by the international community for its ability to control diseases. Up to 13.5, Vietnam had 27 days without a case of Covid-19 in the community. In particular, the policies for foreigners in Vietnam and Vietnamese people returning from the epidemic areas in recent years have made a deep impression, making Vietnam an attractive, friendly, and safe destination for collecting. international visitors.


Tra Su is voted by visitors as a safe destination after the outbreak

Shortly after the social gap ended on April 22, the domestic tourist sites began to reopen. Up to now, all tourist cities of Vietnam have been opened to domestic tourists.


The historical site of Tuc Dup Hill Revolution (Tri Ton - An Giang) has a very unique and mysterious structure

 Vietnam is a country with great potential for tourism, each destination of Vietnam contains unique elements, unique surprises waiting to be discovered, visitors can admire, mingle and drop soul into natural beauty.  At the same time, Vietnam is also a spiritual tourist destination with ancient and solemn temples for tourists to visit and sincerely pray for the world peace, prosperity and happiness.


The ancient house of Huynh Thuy Le (Dong Thap) - symbolizes the unique architecture of East-West architecture

 In fact, the last 30/4 - 1/5 holiday in the national tourist capitals has witnessed a huge influx of tourists. Some resorts in An Giang, Dong Thap, Nha Trang, etc. were even full of rooms until the end of May. home country schedule ”- calling on Vietnamese people to travel to Vietnam and also an ideal destination for international visitors.




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