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Green Strategy For Urban Development
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Green Strategy For Urban Development

In recent years, the strong development of Economy and Society in the ending area of the country which has been rising day by day, with huge leverage from the sublimation of the infrastructure and the real estate market. Ca Mau itself is really transforming with many urban projects of some large investors. Accordingly, the double-sidedness of the urbanization rate has been clearly demonstrated. On the one hand, the life of the city is bustling, on the other hand, the environmental consequences such as household waste, flooding whenever heavy rain, the density of green trees decline is not a small problem and is gradually losing the special position in some areas.  Not only Ca Mau but almost everywhere have to face the situation when climate changes is increasingly clear, sea level increases, temperature rises, the problem of salt intrusion is happening more extremely that the Mekong Delta area have to suffer first.

Nhut Hong new urban creates the value of sustainable living

The investors’ vision

In front of the problem of determining the urban stature and life quality of coastal people in the future. Sao Mai Group has decided to form a new urban area to create for everyone a sustainable life.

Two years ago, Sao Mai became the "Strategic Investor", which controlled the entire operation of Nhat Hong Joint Stock Company when it successfully acquired 100% of its shares. Launching brand positioning in Dat Mui, Sao Mai has devoted the whole heart to "get up" project was "hanging" for many years by chain of items; internal roads, electricity and water supply systems, especially waste water drainage system, projects focusing on centralizing and waste treatment…etc..  Accordingly, traffic system infrastructure gets over the normal standard, high-quality internal traffic and road-mats materials are flood-proof and come with in-house amenities and modern services.

In the past few days, when Ca Mau and some southern provinces suffered heavy rainy diaphragms that made the inner roads were seriously flooded, then in Nhut Hong new urban area, house floors dry up, clean and clear, has created the positive view and naturally build the belief of the residents.

Sao Mai has shown the seriousness and the professionalism, its prestige when turning the residental area eastern of National Highway 1A - zone A of Ly Van Lam commnune became Nhut Hong new urban. This has great significance in shaping the influence of a model city, increasing the value of life, the value of relaxation and investment for everyone including other investors when coming to Ca Mau looking for business opportunities. Sao Mai - the multidisciplinary economic group with absolute advantages in terms of scheduling and project planning - architectural construction consultancy has made the dream of local leaders making Nhut Hong project into new urban area South of Ca Mau city is completely real.

The internal infrastructure exceeds the normal elevation standard

Professional level comes from the simplicity

Green strategy for urban development is a goal that local governments set for investors to avoid the consequences for the natural environment, to neutralize the effects of climate change towards civilization. . Responsibility and vision, Sao Mai expects to provide the basis for changing the perception of the community about the criteria for choosing sustainable life through visualization and critical thinking. Nhat Hong new urban is full of construction items: 5-star hotel & office complex, commercial center, Green Park - entertainment, medical station and schools of national standards. . A new version of Ca Mau is being built by Sao Mai Group in order to speed up the development of Dat Mui region.

Nhat Hong New Urban is the "core zone" attracting the attention of people and investors everywhere. What is more, the place soon became the "pride" of the government at all levels from the commune to the provincial leaders of Ca Mau when it was built entirely by Sao Mai Group. Class of a professional investor, the prestige comes from the very simple that the Corporation expressed is to meet the needs of long-term resident, living in harmony with the nature of the community.

The potential and commitment to a very humanistic approach to the new urban development strategy from Sao Mai Group is accompanying Dat Mui on the long journey in the process of urbanization by 2020. Sao Mai has more than 20 years of adult development solutions to the socio-economic breakthroughs in the ending land of the country by practical action – New Smart City name Nhut Hong.

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