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The Nhut Hong new urban area and the customer conference day
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The Nhut Hong new urban area and the customer conference day

With total value of over 2 billion VND, Nhut Hong Joint Stock Company, the member of Sao Mai Group, was awarded to the customers in the program "Lucky Draw & Award" in the morning of July 29th at Nhut Hong New Urban Area in Ly Van Lam commune of Ca Mau city in Ca Mau province. Particularly, on the occasion of the first event taking place in Dat Mui Coastal Town, the company continues to launch the program extremely attractive "Buy Nhut Hong land – win one kilogram of Dragon gold". From now on, customers that buy any land at Nhut Hong New Urban Area  will have the chance to win one kilogram of gold (equivalent to 26.6 taels of gold).



Attending the event, representatives of leaders of Ca Mau City and leaders of the Department of Industry and Trade of province, leaders of the city's departments and about 300 customers who are quick to choose to buy land at Nhut Hong New Urban Area to get double benefit. This is the key and highest-level urban project in Ca Mau that Sao Mai Group, a key investor, make the aspiration of local leaders into reality.

In the first phase, Sao Mai Group will invest in the essential and modern transportation network synchronously with the surroundings, the local roads with 8-to-10-meters width, the road Number 1 (National Highway 1A) with 16-meters width, the communication network, electricity, water supply, and the public lighting system covering for the whole area. Another quite important item that everyone is great of interested in is the drainage system made of permanent reinforced concrete sluices which ensure that will not be flooded when it rains heavily or flood comes. Nhat Hong Joint Stock Company, the member of Sao Mai Group is the unit responsible for operating the urban area project has completed the whole technical and social infrastructure, ready to welcome the first inhabitants to settle.


In overall planning, Nhut Hong New Urban Area was distributed into zones like townhouse land, villas, resettlement land, social housing land, land for interior work facilities, public work and road systems exceeding the normal level. These subdivisions aim at different types of customers with the right financial resources and interests. In particular, the five-star hotel complex has the 85-meters total height that is the largest scale one in Ca Mau province with the items included as trade centers, restaurants, offices for lease, four-season swimming pools for both children and adults, Gym rooms, beauty salons, and so on are being urgently built.

Speaking at the ceremony, representatives of leaders of Ca Mau city informed the Sao Mai Group and the people about the progress of the road Number 1 (National  Highway 1A) through the Nhat Hong project. This is the news story that investors and customers are most looking forward. Thus, the project creates the highlight and bring the value for resort combined with profitable investment for the community. As a result, the route connecting National Highway 1A  to Nhut Hong New Urban Area will be quickly relieved by Ca Mau City to hand over the ground for Sao Mai Group in 2018, and early 2019 the construction will be started. As this is a vital route, it will make the step to develop the project fast to make benefits for all the social constructions nearby Nhut Hong New Urban Area.


The situation and the architecture are the advantages that “explain the attraction for Nhut Hong New Urban Area" to win customers' trust inside and outside the province. To grace the trust of people for the project, the program "Lucky Draw & Award" was held transparently, objectively with the results to satisfy the participants.

+ 01 first prize - 01 Vios car - belonged to Nguyen Thi Huong

+ 02 second prizes - 2 Honda SH 150 bikes belonged to Mr. Du Minh Thong and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung

+ 04 customers winning the third prize received 4 Iphone X products of the Apple manufacturer sequentially belonged to: Mr. Khuong The Hanh, Mr. Dang Van Ket, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, Mr. Le Tuan Luong

Also in the program, Sao Mai Group also offered 10 lucky gifts for the participants that they could use Ranee high quality cooking oil freely for a year. The highly valuable awards that Sao Mai Group dedicated to Ca Mau customers when buying the ground at Nhut Hong New Urban Area. This is the assurance of Sao Mai Group to customers. The professional and highest-level feature of the trademark Sao Mai Group always emphasizes the good faith of the multi-sector economic group with more than 20 years of strong development, always in Top 50 most effective businesses in Vietnam.

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