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Draw green maps in every region
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Draw green maps in every region

The strategy of sustainable development plays a huge role in the success of the business. And it makes more sense to bring real value to the community. The strong development trend of "green construction" will be the most remarkable point in the real estate market - built in Vietnam in the future. Because it is the right trend that many countries put on top.

Keep green pieces in the urbanization whirlwind

At this time, a Dien Hong conference on "Green Strategy" is taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting the attention of many environmental protection organizations and major real estate groups. A controversial issue between urban architecture planners and the giants of real estate projects is how to balance urban development and preserve natural resources and cultural heritage?

Whether they want to or not, these challenges force investors to face, or more correctly, hold the green pieces in the global urbanization cyclone. The "green" story has never been "less green" in all environmental conferences. Another way is to balance between the advantages and profits when each party is under pressure for the plan of growth and the sustainability of life.

Participating in the "green strategy" for urban development, Sao Mai Group has fully shown the determination of the Group that always aim at humanity. Approximately 100 real estate projects of tourism, commercial centers or office buildings invested by Sao Mai Group that spread across 12 provinces in the country are the colors full of vitality with human and nature. Representatives of this group said "Whether all projects are large or small, we still spend about 40 percentage of the area for green parks, amusement area, markets, schools, hospitals, 5 Star International hotels. It is not yet to mention the proportion of land area for electricity and water infrastructure, roads, wastewater infrastructure, sidewalks for pedestrians, etc. "

The situation and the architecture of the Sao Mai real estate project chain is a combination of harmony, science, civilization that shows the foresight and the very humanity of investors. Each project is not only a place for everyone to settle in but also a place to bring value to customers at all times. Nhut Hong New Urban Area, the most elegant urban area of ​​Ca Mau is a typical example for the Group's commitment. In less than a year, more than 100 customers have registered to buy. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Huong, a citizen of Ca Mau City, shared that "Nhut Hong New Urban Area has a very beautiful location. Road 1 with 16m width will be connected to National Highway 1A in this year, bringing the level of the project to HOT, so I strongly invest.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Tho - Deputy Director of Investment and Construction Project Management Board of Ca Mau City said "From now to the end of 2018, our board will urgently speed up the clearance process to start in early 2019 to construct the road connecting to National Highway 1A. The budget is ready for this job."

Improve growth

In the second quarter of 2018, Sao Mai's revenue from real estate business grew by nearly 40% compared to the same period of last year, focusing on the land segment which is the strength of the Group. Choosing the products suitable with the conditions of income of customers, dedicated care for the sustainable development are the criteria for Sao Mai to achieve the impressive results.

Sao Mai Group, a trademartk that goes along with many years and is always rejuvenated by the rich ideas, dynamic, styles and conveys the vitality and the human values ​​to the community. Commitment to keep green pieces in the coastal town or open the masterpiece of spiritual tourism is always expressed in each outline of the construction works of each real estate project. Drawing green urban maps to implement a series of solutions to promote the value of sustainable development is a core element that benefits both the people and the environment.


Recently, in Announcement No. 1739 / TB-UBND of the People's Committee of Trieu Son district in Thanh Hoa province, Sao Mai - Xuan Thinh New Urban Area is a residential land that is issued with a certificate of long-term land use rights for customers may be fully used, transferred or resold depending on the intent of the owner. This official dispatch confirmed the sovereignty of Sao Mai Group when successfully building an urban model with no precedent in Trieu Son. Green design in the modern city is put on top. In it, the green natural environment and the “green” human management has made Sao Mai - Xuan Thinh New Urban Area become the new urban center of Trieu Son in the very near future.

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