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Sao Mai waits in front for the new chance Tho Xuan International Airport
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Sao Mai waits in front for the new chance Tho Xuan International Airport

The Ministry of Transport has agreed in writing to upgrade Tho Xuan Airport into an international airport. This event has the great significance to the socio-economic development of Thanh Hoa province and opens lots of new opportunities for the investors. Accurately predicting, many years ago, Sao Mai Group has waited in front when carrying out the strategy expanding to the North, the project "opening" is Sao Mai - Xuan Thinh Urban Area (KDT) ưith total area of the first phase is nearly 60 hectare.

Sao Mai International Hospital was built in the hospital hotel model with high-tech medical services.

The heat of the new vicinity urban

Located at the favorable position, along highway 47 and owning a frontage with a total length nearly 2km passing Xuan Thinh and Tho Dan commune (Trieu Son District). From Da Market centre to Tho Xuan International Airport, Sao Mai - Xuan Thinh Urban Area quickly becomes the “Target” of many customers and secondary investors while raising great expectation on the added value which is dependent on the international standard airport level. This place quickly turns into the focus for flourishing life rising day by day. Leader of Sao Mai Group shared "To start for a scale strategy, the urban area is a breakthrough project in the unprecedented urban development of Trieu Son district in the past hundred years by Sao Mai Corporation as an investor.

Decoding the charm from the most elegant urban in Thanh Hoa is the utility works. Sao Mai Group is urgently promoting the construction of a first digital hospital in Vietnam (Sao Mai International Hospital) with total area of 4 hectares, investment capital nearly VND 1,500 billion by Siemens Heathineers (owned by Siemens Group) collaborates.

According to the plan, the hospital has the following departments: Obstetrics - Pediatrics, Traumatology - Orthopedics, Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology, Cancer, and Neurology - Neurosurgery, Urology and Hematology. Sao Mai International Hospital will be built with the hospital hotel model to create the best conditions for domestic and foreign patients to enjoy high-tech medical services.

Following the international hospital is Sao Mai market replacing the degraded Da Market which is no longer suitable for urbanization in Trieu Son. Sao Mai market has the modern architecture, a commercial place, a crowded shopping center to serve the needs of the local residents including transitting tourists in Tho Xuan airport. In addition, Sao Mai market also creates jobs for many workers and especially promotes local production and trade growth.

Next time, the work carrying another important inheritance mission is schools at all levels from pre-school to high school with international standards. It is hoped that this will be the cradle to train elite generations.

Sao Mai - Xuan Thinh urban area is a model urban area shaping in the vicinity of Tho Xuan International Airport. The multi-dimensional traffic connection is taking off on the flight path to the level of Tho Xuan Airport.

Sao Mai Project waits in front for the new occasion

According to Vietnam Aviation Administration, Tho Xuan Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the country with good infrastructure. The new passenger terminal with modern equipment, ILS landing system and aviation signal system are invested to upgrade the capacity of receiving, safety ensuring to exploit. In 2017, Tho Xuan Airport serves over 865,000 passengers. In the period from now to 2030, Tho Xuan Airport will upgrade the capacity to receive from 2.5 million passengers per year to 5 million passengers per year.

King Le Resort - The most spiritual paradise resort of Thanh area

Sao Mai - Thanh Hoa resort, Sao Mai - Minh Son new urban area, Sao Mai new urban center of Thanh Hoa city and Sao Mai Lam Son - Sao Vang new urban area are very prominent projects that Sao Mai Group is dedicated to invest. The vicinity distance to Tho Xuan International Airport has created the "heat" for the very special project chain of Sao Mai. Currently, Thanh Hoa province is promoting the planning of Lam Son - Sao Vang industrial park to create gold land fund for domestic and foreign investors.

Sao Mai Group owns 6 high-grade urban area projects, ecotourism and spiritual resorts for people's living and socio-economic development in Thanh Hoa, with a total area ​​about 256 hectares, investment capital in phase I for all projects is 5,400 billion. Lam Son - Sao Vang New Urban Area, adjacent to Tho Xuan International Airport, has given the project a strategic position as the “core” of Lam Son - Sao Vang Industrial Park as planned of the locality.

In the context of Thanh Hoa province's rapid economic development, Sao Mai Group has aspired to become one of the dynamic open economic zones to wait in front for the new opportunities when Tho Xuan International Airport is expanding its routes to other countries in the world.



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