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Sao Mai Group inaugurated Sao Mai Supper Feed Factory
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On the morning of November 21, 1974, Sao Mai Group organized the Inauguration Ceremony of Sao Mai Supper Feed Processing Factory with capacity of 360,000 tons / year, accounting for one third of fishery production in the whole Mekong Delta.

Morning Supper Feed was started in 2015, designed capacity 360,000 tons / year, total investment over 800 billion, imported equipment completely from Europe, apply advanced technology according to 3H criteria: Health - High Quality - High Technology.

The factory consists of 7 lines, each capacity is 12 tons per hour, fully automatic and closed feeder.

In phase I, the factory will produce complete feed for catfish and tilapia up to national standard TCVN 10300- 2014.

With the advantage of abundant seafood and agricultural products, Sao Mai Super Feed has contributed to creating a breakthrough in the catfish industry in the world market, because in the value chain of pangasius, Aquatic feed accounts for 60-65%.

At the ceremony, Mr. Tran Quang Tuyen, representing over 100 Pangasius farmers thanked the Corporation for creating favorable conditions for him and more than 100 households raising fish in 10 years with stable income, thanks to Cooperation between the two sides on the basis of the prestige and share with the farming households in the most difficult points.

The operation of Sao Mai Supper Feed has proved a firm step and long-term companion of Sao Mai Group with pangasius fish farmers in the region to raise the value of Vietnam pangasius in the market. domestically and internationally.

Le Thanh Thuan, President and CEO of Sao Mai Group, added: "The launch of Sa Mai Mai Super Feed is the right direction and an important turning point in the closed production process. Pangasius from the stage of farming, processing and the recovery of by-products and by-products to enhance the value chain, towards sustainable development, creating stable jobs for thousands of laborers, contributing to the economic transition in the Mekong Delta to develop and integrate.

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