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The largest seafood processing factory in the country is coming to operation
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The largest seafood processing factory in the country is coming to operation

According to information from the Board of Directors of Sao Mai Group, on 10/11/2017, Sao Mai Seafood Processing Plant (TATS) will come into operation. This is the largest plant project in the country with modern design, fully meet the requirements of the international in operation with the system of advanced technology equipment imported from Europe, the total investment over 800 billion VND, reaching the capacity of 360,000 tons per year. Once put into operation, it will create jobs for more than 400 staffs in the locality as well as the surrounding areas.


In the first phase, Sao Mai TATS Factory will produce 02 types of complete feed for catfish, basa and tilapia, red tilapia. The feed is used from high quality raw materials with strict control procedures. The production formula is optimized on advanced software according to international standards such as HACCP, ISO, GLOBAL GAP, ASC, BAP. , ....

Sao Mai Super Feed is full of nutrients, abundant vitamins and minerals, helps fish strengthen resistance, healthy, fast gaining weight, uniform development, white meat, less open, rate High fillet, .. From the "superiority" of TATS Sao Mai promises to bring the best economic efficiency for the farming.

The investment in Sao Mai TATS Plant is a big step forward in the closed production road of catfish industry in Vietnam: from farming, processing and recovering all by-products to enhance the value chain, Toward sustainable development, creating a solid foundation for the economic development of the integration period.

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