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The chef Martin Yan selected products, services, tourism of Sao Mai Group when arriving in An Giang
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As part of a series of cultural, sports and travel activities "An Giang Tourism Month 2017", Sao Mai Group has accompanied many events, including the special show of King Cook Martin Yan ( Yan can cook on the night of 20/5 in Chau Doc city.

Accordingly, King Chef Yan will use Ranee premium cooking oil to show his cooking skills (European, Asian) in 60 minutes, two chefs of Dong Xuyen Hotel of Tourism Joint Stock Company An Giang (member of Sao Mai Group) will support Yan during this special show. Yan can cook's manager said, in his cooking history, this is the first time Martin Yan uses edible oils extracted from fish fat to show off. Yan spent much of his time researching Ranee's uniqueness in order to transform the unique cooking process that honors the great value of this oil product. Yan is excited about the new cooking oil and is committed to using all of his talent and expertise to make the most of micronutrients: omega 3,6,9, vitamins A, E and minerals. The natural ingredients in Ranee blend with Vietnamese food to give customers a great and delicious dish.

In conjunction with the program, Mr. Yan Can Cook will stay at Dong Xuyen Hotel. This is considered one of the most standard hotels in An Giang because besides modern facilities, the hotel also has a team of professional staff, visitors to An Giang often choose to relax here, Relaxation.

The chef King chose the brand Ranee high-grade cooking oil to cook and choose Dong Xuyen hotel to stay open up great expectations for the Sao Mai brand not only famous for food industry but service sector, Tourism is also confirmed. Contribute to An Giang go further with the guests.

First time to An Giang and also for the first time accompanied with many programs in the "An Giang Tourism Month", Martin Yan will use all the travel services of An Tourism JSC Giang. In addition, he also shared cooking experience with the chefs, visitors is also a way of promoting the image and culture of Vietnam in general and An Giang in particular.

In order to achieve the best results, attracting many investors and visitors, Sao Mai Group will accompany with the Department of Culture, Tourism and Tourism to organize the workshop on "Developing and improving the quality of tourism products. An Giang calendar "and the conference" Joint development of An Giang tourism route in 2017 ". The policy for tourism and agriculture are two key sectors to develop An Giang economy. In 2017, the People's Committee of An Giang province decided to organize An Giang Tourism Month in Chau Doc City in May 2017. Through this event, help people promote, introduce the historical culture, products, traditional villages of the province with domestic and foreign tourists.



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