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Sao Mai Super Feed’s Workshops - The Smart Choice
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Sao Mai Super Feed’s Workshops - The Smart Choice

More than 300 delegates were leaders of the Vietnam Pangasius Association, leaders of Departments of Agriculture, Sub-Department of Aquatic Resources Protection, nearly 200 Pangasius farmers in the provinces: An Giang, Dong Thap, Kien Giang, Can Tho and Vinh Long, suppliers of raw materials, nationwide seafood distributors, the central and local press agencies attended the workshop "Sao Mai Super Feed – The Smart Choice". The event was organized by Sao Mai Group on August 8th 2018, at Sao Mai Industrial Complex.

Scene of the Workshop

Asia's largest and most modern seafood processing factory (Sao Mai Super Feed) with a total investment capital up to VND 1,000 billion, capacity of 390,000 tons per year in phase I and will increase doubled in phase II. With the technical advice of the leading professors - doctors in Vietnam, Sao Mai Super Feed - clean food, no banned substance under the current regulations of Ministry of Agriculture - has created a new breakthrough in the market. Especially, the input raw materials are strictly controlled by the factory, ensuring the quality according to STANDARD INDUSTRY: 10 TCN 864: 2006, 10 TCN 984: 2006.

Delegates visit Sao Mai Super Feed Factory

Sao Mai seafood feed has two types: mixed food for catfish and scaled fish with national standards: TCVN 10,300: 2014. Sao Mai Super Feed has low FCR, competitive price will bring high profitability for farmers so that the feed raw materials bringing to the processing plant will reach the best norm. In the near future, Sao Mai Super Feed will have more product lines for marine fish, shrimps and other marine species.

Products of Sao Mai Super Feed

Sao Mai Super Feed is produced on a completely closed and automatic line, from the feed system to the packaging finished products. Sao Mai Super Feed has the most modern technology in Europe and the USA with high qualified engineers. Factory is operated according to standards such as: HACCP, ISO, GLOBAL GAP, ASC, BAP. This standard, together with the standards of Sao Mai Group's hatcheries, raw material areas and two seafood processing plants, will meet all criteria from the difficult markets like EU and the United States.

Mr. Le Xuan Que - Deputy General Director of Sao Mai Group spoke at the workshop

Sao Mai Super Feed is located in Sao Mai Industrial Park - where the severe economic crisis took place 12 years ago, the Group placed the first brick construction. Today, Sao Mai industrial cluster is increasingly flourishing, where all the plants of the Group applying high technology - modern and human resources have mind and talent.

Sao Mai has numerously invested in the pangasius value chain based on the 3-F model (Feed-Farm-Food) of Japanese Agriculture under the 3H criteria (Health, Hi. Quality, Hi. Technology): Health - High quality - High technology.

              The leaders of Sao Mai Group took photos with leaders of Vietnam Catfish Association 

and farming households

Mr. Le Xuan Que - Deputy General Director of Sao Mai Group shared "Sao Mai Super Feed" is a progression to get opinions of society to have more quintessential products for the Vietnamese seafood industry. In which the voice of the media, scientists, farming households will play a very important role, is the force that determines the success of Sao Mai Super Feed. Raising the value chain of pangasius, towards sustainable development, creating stable jobs for thousands of laborers, promoting social security, contributing to the economic transformation of the integration region is the goal that the agricultural production of our country set and Sao Mai Super Feed is the key chain for this mission.

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