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Hundreds of Khmer ethnic households have been changed from Sao Mai Solar Power Plant
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Hundreds of Khmer ethnic households have been changed from Sao Mai Solar Power Plant

Since the Sao Mai Solar PV1 Solar Power Plant (solar energy) deployed by Sao Mai Group (from February 2019), there have been positive impacts on all aspects of life for local people. , contributing to creating an extremely important breakthrough to promote economic development in An Giang province in particular and for the whole southwest border region in general.


Sao Mai Solar PV1 is greening in difficult areas

  Many people in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, the Sao Mai Group's construction of a solar power plant on poor land helped them to "change life" quickly. In particular, the households with land in the cashew project are adequately compensated, they have capital to do business, build spacious houses, hundreds of Khmer daily labor are employed by the Group with an income of 250,000 - 300,000 VND / day. This is unprecedented in the land where up to 90% are Khmer people.


VTV reporter interviewed people in An Hao commune about the economic change since the solar energy project


Representatives of Sao Mai Solar came to share the joy of building a new house with Mr. Chau Sang whose households have land in the project

  Mr. Chau Hung - An Thanh hamlet, An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district excitedly said, “Since Sao Mai bought land from relatives to make solar power plants, our life has changed for the better, we have money to build houses, have working capital. In the past, farming was very precarious, there was one crop a year but it was not productive, rice was not enough to eat. Thanks to Sao Mai's assistance in buying good land, everyone in An Hao commune is happy. ”


Most people in An Hao commune used to have a hard time, but when supported by Sao Mai, they had capital to do business and build a spacious house.

 Mr. Chau Soc Chon - Protection of Sao Mai Solar PV Power Plant PV1 expressed, “In this area, if we could not work at Solar PV1, then in these sunny months, the land would be arid, our family of 6 members would not know what to do but live, I thought I could not escape poverty. After being accepted as a factory worker, we were very happy. One day, my wife and I earned 550,000 dong, lived much better than before, and our children also received proper education. We are very grateful to the business for that. ”



Mr. Chau Soc Chon was very happy because he was accepted as a security guard at Sao Mai Solar PV1 Solar Power Plant

In addition to creating jobs for people, Sao Mai also implements a series of social security policies such as sponsoring scholarships, special allowances for ethnic minority students and sponsoring all expenses for internships for children. in the area is going to work and study in Japan. This is a very humane activity towards the Khmer ethnic community that Sao Mai Group for households in An Hao commune - where Sao Mai invests in building a solar power plant. 


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