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Sao Mai Solar increased its revenue from the solar PV price policy of CP, 1,943 VND / kWh
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Sao Mai Solar increased its revenue from the solar PV price policy of CP, 1,943 VND / kWh

At this price, Sao Mai has a stable source of income from 2 solar power plants Sao Mai Solar PV1 (Tinh Bien - An Giang) and Sao Mai Solar PV2 (Duc Hue - Long An). In the middle of the epidemic season, negatively affecting production and business industries, the increase in revenue from solar power trade with EVN has helped Sao Mai Group to work better, contributing to maintaining jobs for the labor force. .


Sao Mai earns billions of dong every day from solar energy

 On April 6, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung signed a decision on the incentive mechanism for solar power development in Vietnam.

According to the decision, the price of electricity purchased with floating solar power project is VND 1,783 / kWh. The purchasing price of solar power project on the ground is VND 1,644 / kWh. The price of buying solar electricity on the roof was VND 1,943 / kWh. This price is applicable for 20 years from the date of commercial operation.

For grid-connected solar power projects, with investment policy before November 23, 2019 and commercial operation of the project or a part of the project from July 1, 2019 to the end of 2020, will be apply the new price list.

 As for the rooftop solar power project, the new point in the decision is that the electricity buyer is not EVN or an authorized unit, the electricity purchase price and the electricity purchase contract are agreed upon by the parties in accordance with the provisions of law.

Thus, the electricity trading can negotiate on price, way of using electricity directly from the solar energy system. According to investors, this form is suitable for the model of electricity investment on the roof of factories, centers or buildings to sell electricity to users below.


Sao Mai Solar PV1 has a capacity of 210 MWp

 Sao Mai representative said, with this new decision, the knot has been removed. Businesses can be assured to produce and guide their development in the future.

 Accordingly, in order to keep up with good prices within the next 20 years, the Group will urgently complete Phase II of Sao Mai Solar PV1. At the same time, expanding investment in more solar power plants in Dak Lak with a capacity of 700MW, in Ben Tre with a capacity of 60MW, Kien Giang with a capacity of 200MW. Then the amount of electricity produced by these plants will reach billions of KWh / year, ensuring the supply of the main power source for EVN. Thereby, contributing to bringing in huge revenue for Sao Mai Group, increasing local budget revenue.




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