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Sao Mai Solar PV1 contributes positively to socio-economic development
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Sao Mai Solar PV1 contributes positively to socio-economic development

1.  Supplementing electricity to the national grid

The average annual electricity output that Sao Mai Solar PV1 produces is over 420 million kWh / year. All this electricity is consumed locally and when redundant will be transmitted to other places in the province.


Sao Mai Solar PV1 Solar Power Plant is located in Tinh Bien District, An Giang

2.  Contribute taxes to the local budget

With the cooperation in selling electricity to EVN, the total tax amount each year that the project contributes to the local budget is over VND 130 billion (including VAT and CIT). In addition, the construction process of foreign contractors must pay contractor tax of over 90 billion.

3.  Creating jobs for local laborers

 Currently with a capacity of phase 1 of 104MWp, the project is using about 40 employees to clean batteries. When the project is completed, the number of battery cleaning workers will be 80.

Moreover, when the agricultural project under the solar panel (planting local medicinal plants) is put into operation, it is estimated that the number of local laborers working for the project may be at least 500 people. In addition, thousands of local workers are employed during the construction process.


The labor demand when the project is completed will contribute to solving employment problems in the area

4.  Contribute to tourism development

The project of solar power tourist area is being urgently invested to create a new and unique tourist destination in An Giang. This type of tourism promises to attract tourists to visit, solve more employment problems and increase local budget revenue.



 Solar power tourism area is being actively promoted

5.  Improve the efficiency of land use in the locality

 If previously the land in this area only made one rice crop per hectare per year with extremely low productivity, the establishment of the project in the area would have helped revive the efficient use of land. Not only taking advantage of the area above the electricity production but also below planting medicinal plants, helping develop the local agricultural value chain.




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