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After Covid - 19, An Giang tourism is gradually flourishing
[ Updated (16/06/2020) ] - [ Views: 458 ]

After Covid - 19, An Giang tourism is gradually flourishing

In early 2020, due to the epidemic situation with many complicated developments, the tourist destinations in An Giang were simultaneously closed to strictly follow the Prime Minister's direction in the prevention of Covid - 19.

Up to the present time, when cultural, social, economic activities ... return to normal, gradually stabilize and recover, tourists also return to An Giang more and more.

Trà sư 1

Tra Su Melaleuca forest ecotourism area was "refreshed" during the closing time.

trà sư 2

The "receptionist" dove always welcomes visitors at Tra Su.

núi Sam

Many tourists return to An Giang to visit after the epidemic.


To meet the needs of visitors after a long time of implementing social spacing, the responsibility to gather in crowded places. Many tourist destinations in An Giang have been actively innovating, building attractive and beautiful sightseeing facilities with the aim of better serving tourists and stimulating tourism in the province in the current economic period. flourishes.

trà sư

The couple house - a new "check - in" place in Tra Su.


Investors stocked dozens of fish with the aim of enriching the aquatic environment in Tra Su Melaleuca forest.


tức dụp

Tuc Dup Hill Historical Relic Site was refurbished for the return date.IMG_7764

Whether before or after Tuc Dup translation, we always welcome a lot of tourists to visit and learn about history.


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