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Tra Su tried to attract the birds of the sky
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Tra Su tried to attract the birds of the sky

The rainy season is also the season for the production of boiling. At this time, the ecology in Tra Su has the opportunity to spread, especially for regenerating more powerful Melaleuca. The vegetation became greener, each flock of rare storks flocked to this southern land to make more food ... creating an extremely exciting and bustling wild life in the downstream area of the river Mekong.


 Increasing aquatic resources in Melaleuca forests is a very effective solution to attract birds and storks.

The good land of birds in Tra Su currently owns a very large number of extremely rare storks (in the red book that need to be protected). This is a very encouraging sign of a serious and humane investment. Do not miss your luck, An Giang tourism continues to drop a large number of fish, in addition to increasing the density of seafood, on the other hand will also enrich the amount of food to create favorable conditions to welcome the Other heavenly delegations continued to retreat to the melaleuca forest before the upcoming flood season.


 Since releasing fish into the melaleuca forest has attracted a large number of birds and storks to feed and nest. 

 According to a report from the Tra Su Melaleuca forest management board, the investor had previously stocked a large number of amphibians, reptiles and copper fishes to attract the animals. In particular, the rare golden lotuses and races gather to forage and nest in more crowded forests. And by continuing to release tons of fish typical of this alluvial-rich land, not only will they be able to retain them, but they can "lure" hundreds of other rare animals into their nests.


 Investors are very interested in improving the environment in Melaleuca forests.

 Along with continuous investment in improving the landscape of the forest environment, especially the upgrading of tourist items and infrastructure using friendly materials such as: Bamboo Bridge across the forest, flower park, flower raft, the sight to see the wild birds, the masterpieces of confetti, the receptionist, the boat landing to bring tourists, coming here is the "wooden bridge in the longest forest in Vietnam" .… are created by investors.

With that care and attention, the vegetation of the region has grown and flourished, adding to Tra Su painting the vibrant colors of nature of a diverse and safe living environment for the "residents" in the tropical Melaleuca park.



Thieu Gia


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