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Love Song - Melaleuca Flower Park
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Love Song - Melaleuca Flower Park

Compared to other provinces in the Mekong Delta region, An Giang owns an extremely unique geographical position. In the middle of the plain, there is the majestic That Son mountain range. Come to this peaceful land, tourist will see the towering mountains standing proudly reaching out to embrace Tra Su.

With interfering beauty of the mountain and the forest in An Giang, Tra Su, nicknamed "Melaleuca Garden of Eden" converges the essence of heaven and earth, diversity of colors, beautiful glitter of fantasy only in legend. Early in the morning, the rays of sunlight poured down on young shoots, night dew still lingering on iridescent leaves is when Tra Su wakes up with the magic of the green forest.

1. Hàng trăm chú chim bồ câu thân thiện vây quanh du khách.

 Hundreds of friendly pigeons surround visitors.

Melaleuca Garden of Eden

The dream is just a moment when suddenly comes and goes quickly, watching the beautiful world is even more wonderful because it is not only a trip but also a contemplation of life, so writer Ray Bradbury once said: “Look at the world. That is more wonderful than any dream”. Thousands of friendly pigeons surrounding the visitors make mellow hums, inviting a warm setting that is just like Piazza del Duomo - the heart of Milan. During the adventure at Tra Su Melaleuca forest, visitors will have interesting and unique experiences, immerse themselves in endless green space, admire the whole poetic painting.

 What could be better than not having to think about the chaos of life, not in a hurry, just let your soul follow the dinghy drifting along the stream of water, immersed in the shade of cool melaleuca. On the top is a domed creation made of melaleuca leaf, under the water is a carpet of green velvet fluttering with waves, nature like hugging travelers to your lap, gently patting with the "bolero song" of birds in the sky, the melodious sound that makes the body feel relaxed!

2. Du khách quốc tế thích phiêu lưu Trà Sư trong những ngày hè.

International visitors enjoy the adventure of Tra Su in the summer days.

Riding Truc Bach Long, winding through the ancient green melaleuca trees, you can indulge in traveling to discover the extraordinary and pure appearance of Tra Su rich primeval forest. Walking on the bamboo bridge through the forest, visitors can easily reach the pristine white melaleuca flowers, the faint aroma lingering on the scent of memory. Not just wildflowers, Melaleuca flower is also a symbol of a strong and resilient western farmer who rises above the harshness of mud, swampy to beautify life.

Occasionally, we will be fortunate to encounter strange images of wandering fire storks, thoughtful stork ghosts on the fallen cajuput root, or bird nests hanging from branches … Pink lotus cluster, crimson confetti, bright yellow common sesban bunches of dots create sparkling, magical dots on the green forest. The sky and the ground in Tra Su are deliberately intersecting, blending together in a large frame framed by rays of sunlight rising above the far horizon. A great time to have those luxurious shots in Europe.

Vietnamese people travel Vietnam

After the recent gloomy days of Covid - 19, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched the program "Vietnamese people travel Vietnam". The number of domestic tourists has soared, creating a positive signal in the direction that the tourism industry has recovered gradually.

Responding to the program in a sustainable and responsible manner, An Giang Tourimex (a member of Sao Mai Group) chose to improve service quality, invest and renew intellectual and aesthetic items at Tra Su eco-tourism area such as: Bamboo bridge in Vietnam's longest melaleuca forest, couple house, chain of castles with hundreds of pigeons welcoming guests at the wooden pier, four-season flower park, floating flower raft, Tra Su hanging garden … Investors also drop more than 50 tons of all kinds of fish to the forest to enrich the delta products.


More than 50 tons of typical delta fish are released to the forest to enrich aquatic resources based on the organic relationship between birds and fish.

  Visit "Melaleuca Flower Park " at any time, visitors will also enjoy the sound of the love song forever poetic nature. Summer tourism season is approaching, this place is expected to become an ideal destination, creating a new impetus for the tourism market in the "new normal" period after the pandemic.


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