Sao Mai International Hospital
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International Hospital Sao Mai My Binh Long Xuyen An Giang

Location: My Binh - Long Xuyen - An Giang.

Construction scale: Area of ​​4,714 m2.

Investment capital: Investing with own funds, credit loans and other forms of legal mobilization.

Investment form: Newly built.

Implementation period: 2014 - 2017.

Total investment capital: 818.544.464.000VNĐ.


I. Master Plan of the Hospital:


Composed of 4 departments: Surgery, anesthesia resuscitation; Pediatrics; Obstetrics.

Total: 200 beds and 20 floors.

 It consists of the following zones:

Technical - General Health Service

Service area

Administration area

Surgery - Shroud Service - Warehouse

Park - green trees landscape

 II. Human resources:

Total human resources are expected to be 286-300 people by professional level as follows:

- Administrative staff (20%): 60 people;
- Doctors (19%): 57 people;
- University pharmacists (1%): 03 people; - Secondary Pharmacists (2%): 06 persons;
- Nurses, midwives, technicians (58%): 174 people.

Total salary of 25 billion VND / year; VND 2.5 - 7 million / person / month.

III. Market analysis

- Main market of An Giang province.
- The neighboring provinces of An Giang province such as Dong Thap, Kien Giang and Can Tho.
- Foreign markets are mainly bordered by Cambodian provinces of An Giang province.


IV. Business plan and IRR calculation, NPV


  1. Turnover:


Refer to the prices of state hospitals and some private hospitals:


- Revenue from hospital: 1,207,832,800 x 80% x 360 = 347,855,846,400 VND.


  2. Calculate IRR:


Because the large project has a long life cycle, we evaluate the project for 20 years. Net profit = 117,817,416,673 VND. Internal rate of return after 20 years is IRR = 44%


  3. Conclusion:


   The project has a high positive NPV so it is very feasible (NPV = 22,951,923).


   IRR = 44.0%> 10.0% project feasible.


   After 8 years, 6 months, 27 days, the return on capital.

Investment in Sao Mai International Hospital creates provincial budget revenues, overcoming public hospital overcrowding and better health care for people. At the same time, contributing to the increase of revenue for Sao Mai Group.



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