IDI International Port and Industry Complex
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IDI Dong Thap International Port and Seaport Complex

Location: Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province.

Scale: 156,00ha.

Total investment capital: VND 1,885,000,000,000.

Industrial land: 75.6ha.

Land of international port: 80.4ha.

Legal basis:

  This project was approved by the People's Committee of Dong Thap province in Official Dispatch No. 38 / UBND-XDCB dated 20/01/2009.

  To date, the Ministry of Transport has approved the addition of IDI General Port to the detailed planning of Seaport Group No. 6 in Official Dispatch No. 1101 / BGTVT-KHDT dated 02/03/2011.

Progress: Currently, the company is carrying out other legal procedures to develop the project.

Characteristics of the project:

   Construction of agricultural and marine fisheries factories using locally available raw materials and other plants to meet production needs, create jobs and demand for residential housing in the area.

  The project area adjacent to Vam Cong industrial complex is being exploited and there are many processing factories: frozen seafood, fishmeal, oil refining ... so the construction of IDI port to serve Import and export of goods of Vam Cong Industrial Complex, IDI International Industrial Complex and Port, and simultaneously serve import and export of goods for the whole Mekong Delta is necessary and urgent.



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