Fried sesame cake
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Fried sesame cake

Sesame cake with a crunchy, fragrant crust blended with the fleshy taste of sesame dots and the pungent spicy taste of chili sauce is extremely attractive. Let's see how to make delicious crispy sesame cake for detailed instructions below, you will have a delicious batch of delicious cakes for the whole family.

Each piece of sesame cake is fried and attractive, when eaten very soft but no less charming, served with a little spicy flavor of chili in each small piece of delicious cake. Sipping sesame cakes in the rainy afternoon or cold day is extremely attractive, how to make sesame cake is not too difficult or requires expensive materials.


Not only suitable for family snacks but also can be used to change the family breakfast menu. Sesame crispy, melted chewing penetrates the fat of the cake combined with the nutty sesame extremely attractive. You can do to eat gradually, combined with a cup of hot tea or lemon tea will definitely be extremely interesting. Let's embark on experiencing this cake now! In addition, you can also refer to how to make fried sweet potato pancakes, fried egg cakes, ... and many other cakes by following the Website regularly.


Wheat flour: 100g

Fresh milk without sugar: 100ml

Chicken Eggs: 1 fruit

Chili: May or may not depend on taste

Roasted white sesame: optional


Ranee high quality cooking oil


 Step 1: Put the flour in a large bowl, add milk, eggs, salt, water in turn to mix thoroughly, add some cooking oil and stir again to make a homogeneous mixture. This part can add chili. Let the dough rest for about 20 minutes.

 Step 2: Remove the dough again, roll the dough into a cylinder, then roll it out to flat. Use a knife to cut the dough into small pieces. (Or you can roll the small round balls to fry them as you like).

 Step 3: Take the nonstick stick to the kitchen, wait for hot and then add Ranee high quality cooking oil. Then drop the batter into fry over low heat. To brown the cake on one side, use a chopstick to fry the other side to make crispy golden brown. Do the same until all the dough.

Step 4: Use a blotting paper to put on the plate, for fried bread to withdraw oil. Hot sesame cake with a little chili sauce is very attractive.


So we have completed the batch of attractive cakes with delicious flavors, hope with the way to make crispy sesame cake will help you have more delicious cakes easy to treat relatives and friends. To keep sesame crackers long crispy, after frying you should absorb the oil, then let the cake cool down and then put in a covered glass jar (so fry the cake is thinner than the cake to eat immediately).


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