Porridge shrimp cooked with pumpkin
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Porridge shrimp cooked with pumpkin

 Porridge shrimp cooked with pumpkin is one of the delicious and nutritious solid foods for babies from 6 months and up. If you still do not know how to cook pumpkin shrimp porridge, please refer to the following instructions immediately.


Shrimp contains a lot of vitamins A, D, Omega-3 and DHA, nutritional components are very good for health, help children develop physically and mentally better. Therefore, shrimp is one of the food sources that should be supplemented for children aged 6 months and older.

Shrimp cooked with pumpkin? Some kinds of vegetables can be cooked with shrimp porridge, shrimp powder: carrots, pumpkin, mushrooms, cauliflower, shrimp, amaranth, etc

Pumpkin contains quite abundant glutamine acid content, plays an important role in neurological fostering, especially brain nerve cell metabolism. Pumpkin cooked with shrimp has a sweet taste, eye-catching yellow color is a strange dish for children, the recipe is also super simple and super quick.


- Ranee KIDS 100% nutritious oil from fish

- Rice

- Fresh shrimp

- Red pumpkin

- Salt


Step 1: Put rice into the pot to cook.

Step 2: Peel the shrimps, remove the heads, remove the threads, take the meat and wash, mince. Diced pumpkin.

Step 3: Put shrimp and pumpkin in the pot of porridge, simmer for cooked ingredients.

Step 4: Finally, season with a little salt. Put the pot down, scoop out the bowl, add 2 tablespoons of Ranee KIDS cooking oil before feeding.

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