Eggs steamed with vegetables
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Eggs steamed with vegetables

Steamed eggs with vegetables are a simple, easy-to-make dish that is both delicious and nutritious, making sure your kids love it. It only takes 10 minutes to process and you will have a full-energy breakfast right away!



- Egg

- Market of ground pigs

- Broccoli

- Onion

- Carrot

- Scallion

- Ranee 100% premium cooking oil from fish

- Fish sauce, seasoning seeds, pepper


Step 1: Thinly sliced broccoli, sliced carrots, sliced western goods, chopped green onions

Step 2: Break the eggs into a bowl to beat, carrot, pork, season with fish sauce, seasoning seeds, pepper, 1 teaspoon of Ranee cooking oil then stir well.

Step 3: Take the bowl of eggs to steam in a water bath or put in a steamed rice cooker until the eggs match, then place the broccoli, sliced onions on top, steam until cooked.

 Wish you all success when making this dish


Dan Thanh


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